Partner Contest

Any user of the project can take part in the competition of partners.
To bring the miners through your referral link and to earn as much as possible on them.
Will consider only the referrals who were come during the of conductions contest period.

Minimum threshold to enter the contest: 0.05$

With our affiliate program you can find in the section help . Advertising materials here

The contest period: from 14.09.2019 to 31.12.2019


Ends with

<102 days

Top places


The prize fund is not limited
1 place

x10 + 1 ETH

2 place

x5 + 1 XMR

3 place

x3 + 1 ZEC

4-5 places


6-10 places


10-20 places


TOP 20

The amounts of revenues and prizes are indicated in USD at the rate at the time of accrual of reward. Awards to winners will be paid in the corresponding crypto-currencies.

Place Username Referrals Earned Prize
cyfral 1 $0.14 1 ETH + $1.40
miningpoolstats 9 $0.01
yurets 2 $0.0007
The data in the table is updated every 5 minutes