HashCity will be even steeper!

Our project is still very young and we want to make it the coolest portal for mining crypto currency!

On this page we display a list of innovations that are awaiting implementation, each user can offer his idea to improve the project, and our team will do everything to make this reality!

Ideas can be sent to the contacts below, we will happily discuss with you the possibility of implementation, as well as terms.

Together we will make HashCity better!

Telegram chat
Mobile app

All the features of the HashCity project on your phone

Internal exchange

Automatic exchange of currencies at the rate of HashCity, as well as semi-automatic exchange based on applications between users of the project

HashCity OS

A free operating system based on LINUX for managing rigs from a personal cabinet on HashCity.org.

Payments in USD

The possibility of withdrawing funds both in the crypto currency and in USD for Visa / MasterCard

Mining to USD

Possibility of mining on USD balance using HashCity OS with automatic currency switching for mining depending on its profitability.