You can observe the actual information about the minimum amounts for payments in your personal account in the “Finance” section..

Payments are made daily, 2 times a day. There is no commission for withdrawal.

Bitcoin (SHA-256)0.001 BTC
Ethereum (Ethash)0.1 ETH
Litecoin (Scrypt)
0.01 LTC
Bitcoin Cash (SHA-256)0.01 BTH
Monero (RandomX)0.01 XMR
Bitcoin SV (SHA-256)0.01 BSV
Ethereum Classic (Etchash)0.1 ETC
DASH (X11)0.01 DASH
ZCash (Equihash)0.01 ZEC
Bitcoin Gold (Equihash 144/5)0.03 BTG
Ravencoin (KawPow)10 RVN
Callisto (Ethash)200 CLO